General FAQ’s

How do I schedule a session/How does this work?

To schedule your session, please call or email me. You will be offered the opportunity to meet for a complimentary consultation to discuss any questions/concerns you may have and also to get to know each other! Once we have determined a date and time that works for your family, you can pay for your sitting fee. Your session is NOT considered booked until the fee has been paid. I will hold your session date and time for 48 hours before opening it back up. It is important that this fee is paid to secure the date and time you want. Once your session fee has been paid, we can determine an exact location and any other details pertaining to your session.

Important: If you are a newborn client, your session fee will hold your due date in my calendar. We will not schedule and exact date/time until your baby arrives. It is important that I am notified via text message and/or email within the first 48 hours so that I can get you in within those first few days.

What is the best way to contact you?

The contact form found above.  If you find the form doesn’t work, please email me at Heather@HeatherHamletPhotography.com or call 661-205-3211. Thanks!

When do you generally schedule appointments?

I typically schedule newborns M-Th in the mornings. All other sessions are in the early evening, approx 1 hour before sunset, Monday through Saturday. Fridays and Saturdays are my most requested days, so I suggest scheduling at least 6 weeks in advance. Newborn appointments should be scheduled during the second trimester of your pregnancy to secure your spot. Once your baby arrives, a specific date and time will be arranged.

Do you have specials/discounts?

Yes, I do! Once a year I provide Limited edition family sessions in the fall. For newborns, I offer bundled/discounted sitting packages.

Do you offer digital files?

Of course! You may choose to purchase digital files as an additional to your sitting.

I don’t really want any products, I’m just interested in the digitals. Can we work something out?

I am a firm believers in tangible, heirloom products. The photography created by myself is art. Not only that, but photography is an investment in the future. Your children will eventually inherit these photos, as we inherit our parent’s photos and grandparent’s photos. The truth is, the digital age is ever evolving and there’s no way to tell what format photos will be delivered in in the future or if your digital files will be completely obsolete in 20 years. But there is a tried and true format that never goes out of style: the printed photo; the album, the fine art print, the canvas gallery wrap….these are all products that stand the test of time. And the products offered by me have been tested over and over for their heirloom quality. I want your children to inherit the finest version of these memories; not just some files.These photos are so much more than files.

 What are your print prices and what products do you offer?

Upon request, I will provide a complete price guide at our in person welcome consultation.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Plans are flexible, and go as long as 6 months. All payment plans must be made with a credit card, along with a 25% deposit.

How long will it take to get my pictures?

Editing can take up to 3 weeks, depending on how busy the season is-holiday season usually takes the longest. General turn around time for proofs is about 2 weeks. Once I am finished editing I will contact you and schedule an in person ordering appointment. I don’t mind answering a few questions via email, but if you need help every step of the way, you may need to order in person where I can help you more thoroughly.
Once ordered, your order can take up to 8 weeks depending on the size of the order and what it contains {standard prints take the shortest amount of time; usually just a week or two}. If you’ve requested additional edits to your photos (or if I notice that they need it) this will add to your wait time. I will contact you as soon as your order is available and set up a drop off/pick up time.

Can I order reprints?

Of course! I will hold on to your digital negatives for one year. After that they will be archived and unavailable for reprinting. At that point you may decide to purchase the files if you’d like-contact me for more information. All reprint orders have a minimum of $250.