I’m Heather, the owner & photographer of Heather Hamlet photography. I love being able to share in the love of your growing family and feel blessed to get to work with such wonderful people each day!Based out of Bakersfield, Ca, I’ve been a photographer for four years now. It is crazy to think of where I got started and how far I’ve grown!


I am a self taught fine art photographer, and mother of three. I began my journey as a small child watching my grandmother with a camera. Painting and drawing for the majority of my life, I picked up a camera as an adult and photography quickly became the perfect medium to create what I had always imagined.

I decided to pursue my passion as a portrait photographer, first as a hobbyist and now a professional business that focuses on capturing a high end, magical and emotional aspect of your life.

A portrait is like a painting, and that is how I view every single image I capture.